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This year’s winners were announced at an online ceremony on 21 November


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The Initiative

Submission phase
from 01/01/2023
Selection process
from 23/09/2023
from 11/10/2023
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from 21/11/2023


You can now enter our 2024 awards and be considered for our Innovation of the Month award. You’ll be fast-tracked into the top-9 of your category if you are a winner. Easy as that!


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Selection process

A rigorous and independent process ensures the credibility of the awards. This includes shortlisting by an Qorus Awards Committee and deliberations by a jury of industry professionals

Voting phase

The Qorus–Accenture Banking Innovation Awards aims to appraise and recognize the most innovative projects, initiatives and ideas in banking globally. Winners are awarded by their peers, with a rigorous, independent process ensuring the credibility of the awards.

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This Year's Categories

Beyond Core Banking Offerings

Creative new products that change the bank’s business model and expand or redefine its role. These novel offerings may be developed and distributed by the bank alone or with ecosystem partners in other industries. They may either be stand-alone banking products or be incorporated into broader, more diverse non-financial offerings.

#Ecosystems #Marketplaces #Superapps #NewProducts #OpenBanking #API #EmbeddedFinance #NewBusinessModels

Core Offering Innovation

Breakthrough concepts that dramatically enhance, transform, or tailor them to specific market segments. This could include traditional banking products such as credit, payments and advice.

#ValueAddedServices #NicheOrientedOffering #DigitalPlatform #MobilePayments #InvisiblePayments #CryptoCurrency #BuyNowPayLater #OperationalExcellence

Future Workforce

Changes to work, the workforce and the employee experience. This includes the use of data, technology and new approaches to how employees are supported by machines and upskilled, and how work is organized, performed, measured and managed.

#WorkforceEmpowerment #EmployeeExperience #Learning #DigitalHR #AgileWorkforce #Automation #HumanAICollaboration

Neobanks & Specialized Players

The creation and/or application of innovative technology that substantially enhances customers’ banking experience and/or develops new sources of revenue for the industry. This category is reserved for banking start-ups and spinoffs, and technology firms working within the banking industry, whose innovations are stage-one funded, have a market release proposition, and/or have completed a successful market proof of concept.

#Fintech #Attackers #Neobanks #PlatformBanks #IncumbentsThatLaunchNeobanks

Reimagining the Customer Experience

Significant enhancements in the bank’s marketing, sales and distribution, and its management of customer channels, communications, engagement and relationships.

#DistributionModelInnovation #DigitalTransformation #DigitalSales #NewBranchLayout #SocialSales #BrandAwareness #ArtificialIntelligence #CustomerAnalytics #DataDrivenPersonalization #PhygitalDistribution


Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking

Innovations that advance the bank’s social purpose and its commitment to being a good corporate citizen and a true ally of its customers.

#UniversalDesign #BarrierFreeBanking #FinancialInclusion #FinancialLitteracy #MicroCredit #SocialCrowdfunding #GreenBanking #Transparency #SocialImpact #EnvironmentalImpact

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About The Awards

What are the Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards?

The Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards have been a catalyst for innovation in the banking since their inception in 2013. They showcase the most exciting and effective innovations that are taking advantage of emerging technologies and responding to the disruption and opportunities in banking.

A rigorous, independent judging and voting process ensures the credibility of the awards. The awards ceremony is widely recognized as the ‘Oscars’ of the industry.

Benefits of participating

The awards offer benefits for entrants, winners and the industry as a whole.

  • - Help promote a culture of innovation in banking
  • - Achieve the recognition of your colleagues
  • - Be acknowledged by your industry peers
  • - Gain public acclaim for your organization as an innovation leader
  • - Network with other executives who are driving innovation
  • - Benchmark your innovation against those of other banks
  • - Be inspired by the creativity and boldness of your peers

How to submit

The awards offer benefits for entrants, winners and the industry as a whole.

  • - You can submit as many innovation as you wish.
  • - To qualify for the Global Innovator category, banks need to submit at least three innovations in the other 6 categories. The winner is then selected by a dedicated jury of banking professionals.
  • - Your innovation must have been launched or enhanced after 1 January 2022, and must be in at least the pilot phase.
  • - Only banks may enter the following categories: Beyond Core Banking Offerings, Core Offering Innovation, Future Workforce, Reimagining the Customer Experience and Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking.
  • - Banking start-ups and spinoffs, and technology firms working within the banking industry may submit their innovations in the Neobanks & Specialized Players category only. These innovations must be stage-one funded, have a market release proposition, and/or have completed a successful market proof of concept.
  • - Visit the Winners Gallery section to see winning submissions from 2013 to date.
  • - The deadline for the 2024 edition is September 2024.
  • - There is no charge to enter.

2022 Ceremony

Relive the highlights of the 9th edition of the Banking Innovation Awards 2022 ceremony.

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Innovation of the Month - July

Bradesco E-agro - The Digital Partner of Agribusiness

E-agro is a comprehensive digital platform designed specifically to meet the needs of rural producers and revolutionize the agricultural sector in Brazil.


Innovation of the Month - July

Innovation of the Month - June

Vitality Travel - Discovery Bank

Vitality Travel offers Discovery clients rich travel experiences with a wide range of partners for flights, accommodations, and car rentals.


Innovation of the Month - June

Innovation of the Month - May

Switcho - Intesa Sanpaolo

The free in-app service to compare, change and optimise utility bills through a 100% customer journey.


Innovation of the Month - May

Innovation of the Month - April

Santander Spain Retail App Simplification: the New Frontier - Santander Spain

The Santander Spain app is personalized for each customer, utilizing global search, 23 servicing options from customer data, FAQs, CTAs, and two new entry points for easier use.


Innovation of the Month - April

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