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Bradesco E-agro - The Digital Partner of Agribusiness

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E-agro is a comprehensive digital platform designed specifically to meet the needs of rural producers and revolutionize the agricultural sector in Brazil. It offers credit, technical assistance, data information, analysis, and an integrated marketplace all in one place.

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E-agro's main objective is to unify financial and non-financial products and services for the day-to-day activities of rural producers and accompany them throughout their journey, addressing their needs. To achieve this, the platform aims to become the primary digital channel for rural products in Brazil. Initially, this was achieved through a pilot project of a fully digital credit product for the agricultural sector, known as the CPR (Cédula de Produto Rural). The CPR is one of the main agricultural securities representing the promise of delivery of rural products. The E-agro CPR is exempt from IOF (Tax on Financial Operations), offers more attractive rates and terms, and has a revolving limit that can be contracted at any stage of the project. Thus, the E-agro CPR is the only 100% digital product in the market and is exclusively available to individual rural producers who can request and sign contracts through the platform.

The CPR journey on E-agro consists of just eight steps. Customers log in to the platform and simulate the requested amount based on their pre-approved limit within Bradesco. They then choose the payment conditions and validate their registration information by uploading necessary personal and collateral documents. This process updates the bank's systems with all the necessary registration updates. During the contracting process, all ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) analyses, price evaluations, signatures, notarizations, and consultations and registrations with B3 (Brazil's stock exchange) are conducted digitally and integrated with partners already connected to the platform, eliminating the need to visit a physical branch.

In addition to a 24-hour virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence, providing insights based on the data entered for credit applications and property registration, E-agro has introduced a complete marketplace in its second phase. This marketplace is designed to meet all the needs of producers, from inputs to machinery, and already includes major brands in the sector. It is fully integrated with the credit application process. Therefore, E-agro is a disruptive platform that combines the potential and experience of Bradesco's rural credit tools with the innovation of artificial intelligence structures and a comprehensive marketplace, addressing all the daily needs of rural producers in an integrated manner.

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