Adapting to a new innovation reality: trends, technologies, perspectives

GenerationS team has released analytical report on the innovation ecosystem "Adapting to a new innovation reality: trends, technologies, perspectives". The report covers mechanisms for adapting innovative processes in the context of the pandemic in some of the largest Russian and international corporations - partners of GenerationS, as well as presents various technologies and solutions that can be used to ensure effective operation of business processes in companies in the current realities.

Publish date: 15 July 2020
Author: GenerationS
Theme : Innovation

The report also includes the following useful materials:
- Map of COVID-19 impact on key industries;
- A list of projects related to both the GenerationS accelerator and the RVC, whose products or technology can be used to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection as well as to adapt to new conditions;
- Key recommendations for working with innovation during the pandemic.

"We see how the current situation in the world has affected almost all economic areas, and the innovation sector is no exception. We present you an executive summary prepared by GenerationS on the global innovation ecosystem, where we include a profound analysis of the transformation of innovative processes in many major companies, share success stories of startups that have been able to completely restructure their businesses in a timely manner and include interviews with foreign representatives of innovation ecosystem who share their approaches and valuable advice on how to proceed with innovations in the current conditions. We hope that our executive summary will help business leaders to better understand these new realities and for some will become a basis for implementing some of the best practices that help to make innovation processes as productive and effective as possible,” said Ekaterina Petrova, Managing director of GenerationS corporate accelerator.

Download the report on GenerationS' website