EfmaLIVE - Inspire Change

Starting Monday, the global banking community will come together to discuss the biggest trends shaping the industry.

Publish date: 23 October 2020
Theme : Innovation

Given how disruptive 2020 has been, sharing and facilitating best practices from across the financial services industry is more important than ever. Next week, EfmaLIVE will feature an incredible roster of speakers from around the world who will do just that. Leaders from top financial institutions will be speaking about their approaches to innovation and how they have navigated this period of uncertainty.

As people and businesses have had their normal routines displaced, banks have had to adapt to maintain operational continuity while delivering their products digitally. “We’re drawing together some of the best brands around. Organizations like BBVA, ING, DBS, Santander, and Standard Chartered. Quality speakers that will share with you some of their insights from their organizations and how they are tackling these problems,” said John Berry, CEO of Efma.

A primary focus of these sessions will be digitization and new ways of banking. It is no secret that people have been forced to change the way they bank this year, meaning digital financial management tools are now paramount in the industry. Workforce transformation will also be highlighted, as financial institutions are managing remote work and planning for the future. To see our CEO speak more about the event, you can watch his EfmaLIVE preview

To ensure that your organization has a plan to capitalize on the fundamental shifts in daily life and the way business is done, EfmaLIVE will bring together the banking community to share the best ideas from around the globe. The series of five online meetings will start November 9th and run to the 13th. They will take place via Zoom, full of discussions and interactive Q&A’s. Experts will go deep on the most pressing topics and trends such as digitalization, new ways of banking, workforce transformation, cost efficiency, and collaboration with Fintechs. This event is free for everyone, members and non-members alike. To see some of the speakers preview their presentations, check out the videos here!

And you can register now for the sessions!