Elevate every decision with intelligent banking operations

As part of a global Operations research initiative, Accenture surveyed 100 banks to understand how they view their journey to operations maturity. Our new ‘Elevate every decision with intelligent banking operations’ report delves into this research data, sharing valuable insights about operational maturity. How banks can take advantage of transformational value—increase performance in efficiency and profitability, improve innovation, strengthen ecosystems and deliver excellent customer and employee experiences.

Publish date: 04 August 2021

Banks have always been committed to improving the efficiency of their operations, and for the most part, their progress has been steady. For a long time, that was sufficient.

But more recently, rising client expectations and regulatory requirements, technology-driven innovations, and the advent of aggressive new competitors (not to mention the operational demands of COVID-19), have exposed that banks’ operational evolution is lagging behind other industries.

Banks must become more agile and resilient to deal with the threats that tomorrow poses—whether they take the form of a resurgence of the pandemic, a financial crisis or a cyber-attack. Read more.