How Yapi Kredi collected 2200 innovative ideas from employees

Yapı Kredi lifts the limits to keep the innovation spirit of the employees at the top. Yapı Kredi encourages all their employees to share new ideas with an idea development system. They have collected 65,000 ideas from employees so far. Since just the beginning of 2020; Yapi Kredi collected 2200 innovative ideas, 87 of them contain ideas that will make life easier at the time of the coronavirus.

Publish date: 29 September 2020
Author: Yapi Kredi Bankasi
Theme : Innovation

Yapı Kredi always stands out with an innovative spirit. To keep this spirit alive, Yapı Kredi includes all of their employees in the innovation process and attaches great importance to the ideas of its employees. With the ideas shared by the employees, they also aim to increase efficiency, simplify, and speed up processes. While doing this, Yapı Kredi is using an idea development platform called Evreka. Due to the high involvement of the employees, the platform seems to be largely fulfilling its purpose 65.000 ideas have been collected so far. Just in 2020, 2200 innovative ideas came up to the platform. For the topic of "How can we improve the banking experience of customers during the changing world with the coronavirus?" They share that, 87 ideas emerged in this study. Especially in the Covid-19 process, they emphasize that the ideas from the employees have great importance in the implementation of fast and useful solutions.

Let's take a look at one of the ideas that came up and brought to life:

"As a branch employee, I'd like to suggest applying rulesets for the customers (for instance; please wear your mask, disinfect your hands, etc.), placing disinfectant dispensers beside kiosks, replacing yellow social distance lines on the floor with physical barriers, moving back the benches in front of tellers further away or removing completely for a period".

As stated by the owner of the idea, it is a life-saving idea.

Along with being a bank that has achieved many innovations; Yapı Kredi also continues to be a pioneer in digital banking in Turkey. Building out with the slogan of “Turkey's Digital Bank”, the have come forward to provide customers with out-of-box solutions.

As a first in Turkey; without having to go to the bank, Yapı Kredi provides the opportunity to become a bank customer just using Yapi Kredi Mobile "Video Processing Assistants". After completing the application form on Yapı Kredi Mobile, users can meet face-to-face with "Video Processing Assistants" on their phones whenever they want. It is a useful application designed to reduce physical contact and offer a safe alternative to both employees and customers in these days when staying at home is extremely important.

The recently developed IBAN Scanner on Yapı Kredi Mobile enables customers to save a written IBAN and facilitate money transfer by simply scanning a picture of an IBAN or selecting a saved picture from phone galleries. They also offer customers a variety of payment methods that serve different customer needs, such as HCE-based NFC payment, in-car payment, and the latest in-store payment via QR Code. They offer a variety of contactless payment methods to make life safer in the pandemic.

Yapı Kredi is the first bank in Turkey to offer services via WhatsApp approved corporate accounts. With this innovation, customers can send instant messages to Yapı Kredi whenever and wherever they want from their mobile devices and get detailed information about the services and products they need very quickly.

Yapı Kredi adopts the concept of no limit in service, it is clear that they also know no limit in the field of innovation.