Insurance Trend #2: COVID-19 crisis response

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis that has disrupted the global economy. In their immediate response to the outbreak, leading insurance carriers focused their energies on helping their customers to navigate the impact of the crisis on their lives or businesses.

Publish date: 05 January 2021
Author: San Cristobal Seguros
Theme : Innovation

These award candidates offer some powerful examples of insurance carriers stepping up to help customers and their wider society to weather the storm and demonstrating their agility in deploying new solutions and offerings in a matter of weeks.

PZU (Poland)

PZU’s COVID-19 Lifeband is a medically-certified wearable device that reduces the risk of transferring COVID-19 to medical staff in hospitals. It remotely measures oxygen levels and pulse rates in real-time and calls for help when needed, enabling doctors to oversee patients’ health without close physical contact. The standalone device requires no integration with the hospital’s IT system. The measurements of the patient’s vital signs taken by the wearable can be monitored by the medical team on a computer or a smartphone.

AIA (Hong Kong and Macau)

AIA offers a COVID-19 alert service through its AIA Connect mobile app, allowing registered users to receive alerts regarding COVID-19 cases in different districts throughout Hong Kong and Macau. Users who are within around 200 meters of buildings with probable or confirmed cases will immediately receive mobile alerts from the app. Users can also choose to view details – such as case number, gender, and age – for each listed case. This new feature combines government data on the disease spread with GPS and geo-fencing technologies.

San Cristobal (Argentina)

San Cristobal introduced this functionality for online doctor visits on its portal and app in a matter of days, just in time for the announcement of Argentina’s quarantine phase. The solution offers all the company’s customers medical assistance through a video call at no additional cost.

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