Banking Tech Vision 2020

Accenture’s Technology Vision report looks at the enterprise landscape to identify the emerging technology trends that hold the greatest potential to disrupt businesses and industries.

Publish date: 30 November 2020

When the research for our 2020 report was in the field, COVID-19 was not yet a global pandemic. Now, everything has changed. COVID-19 is the greatest challenge the world has faced in decades. It has transformed people’s lives at unprecedented scale, impacted every industry and co-opted banks’ ambitions for growth and innovation.
The novel coronavirus has made its impact felt on banks’ revenues and profits, on the behavior of their customers and through heavier demands on their technology infrastructure. But it has not slowed innovation in banking; it’s amplifying it to historic levels. And the trends our research identified have taken on a new urgency. The question for banks is: How fast can you act? Learn more here.