DBS Bank: An all-encompassing innovation leader

At Efma, we understand the importance identifying the most innovative players in the industry and sharing their best practices exclusively to our members. In this latest installment of our ‘Champions series’, we are delighted to feature DBS Bank from Singapore. We speak to multiple senior figures from the bank to bring you valuable insights on its transformational journey.

Over the last decade, DBS has consistently been at the forefront of the financial services industry in terms of innovation. In its relentless pursuit of digital excellence, it continuously seeks out new tools, new technologies and new ways of working to deliver value to its customers.

A significant part of the bank’s transformation efforts has been in digitalization. In this report, we present the myriad of ways in which DBS is a leading financial institution that is advancing its position as a tech-centered enterprise. Furthermore, we highlight how cultivating a forward-thinking workforce continues to be foundational to their strategy.

DBS has received countless awards in recognition of its achievements, including being the first bank in the world to hold three of the most prestigious global best bank honors at the same time. As you will see, much of DBS’ success being at the top of rankings required an entire rethink of its culture with innovation very much in its bloodstream. Pushing boundaries, rethinking old paradigms and adopting new tools is standard at the bank.

Publish date: 27 August 2020
Theme : Digital/Mobile channels