Flashpoints in Digital Payments

Accenture’s Payments Disruptability Index analyzes the payments industry holistically, surfacing future threats and opportunities to help banks decide where they should maintain or expand their positions as payments leaders.

Publish date: 30 November 2020

As consumer behavior shifts due to COVID-19, the scale of disruption is likely to grow dramatically, and the speed of change will continue to rise in the months to come.

The appetite of both merchants and consumers for new alternatives to traditional payment options is top of mind and big tech companies, fintechs, challenger banks and other non-bank entrants are driving market disruption by offering customers better user experiences and lower prices.

The continued displacement of cash and checks over the next three years, helped along by customers’ adoption of digital shopping and their desire to avoid contact with physical infrastructure and objects, will create even more opportunities for disruption in payments. Learn more here.