The Future of Banking: It’s time for a change of perspective

This Accenture report’s quantitative and qualitative analyses spanned nearly 100 leading incumbent banks and more than 210 leading digital-only players in 11 countries. It mapped out their business models and activities to understand the roles they play in the value chain and identified two common business models: vertically integrated and non-linear. It concludes that traditional banks could boost revenues by up to $518 billion by 2025 by embracing adaptive, non-linear business models.


Publish date: 31 January 2022

Banking is changing as a new wave of digital-only players fragment the market, componentize products and challenge age-old business models. New research examines the business models of traditional and digital-only players to identify how value chain fragmentation is reshaping the industry. Accenture’s analysis shows that the digital-only players using adaptive models enjoyed higher revenue growth compared to players with traditional models. Incumbent banks can catalyze growth by operating a range of new models in parallel with the current core of the business. Read the report here.