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Floating Branch (the Voyager V boat)

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The Voyager V is a bank branch on a boat, serving communities living along the River Solimões to ensure banking inclusion and deliver financial education.

Innovation presentation

Bradesco has introduced its second floating branch on the River Solimões. The new boat will serve about 50 riverine communities and 11 villages, travelling around 1,600km between Manaus and Tabatinga. The bank introduced its first floating branch service in 2009.

“The present boat makes two trips per month and reaches communities every 7 to 15 days. With the new boat – Voyager V – the bank will be with the communities every seven to eight days”, says Josué Augusto Pancini, vice president of Bradesco.

Since the bank launched its floating branch operations, more than 35,000 current and savings accounts have been opened and 4.5 million banking transactions have been performed.

Bradesco believes in financial inclusion as a way to help low-income people gain access to the financial system and credit, and drive the regional economy. Successful financial inclusion is based on the following: strong presence in the country, financial education actions, and inclusive products and services.

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