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New SBER ecosystem branch: «Branch as a gadget»

Reimagining the Customer Experience 2021
Branch Customer Acquisition Customer Experience Non-Financial Services

Elevator pitch

In September 2020 SBER launched a brand new branch. We reimagined the role of a branch and reinvented a branch concept. We created new reasons to visit Sber. Now Sber is much more than just a bank and its new branch is created according to the principles of a gadget. Find out more here

Innovation presentation

The new SBER branch is a platform for an unlimited product shelf, a place for customer onboarding to the ecosystem (with banking and non-banking products), new customer experience acquisition and a cool place to communicate. It is the most physical in online and the most digital in physical.

1. We reimagined the role of a branch. Now our branch is an important place for communication with customers and among customers.

2. We reinvented a branch concept. We created new reasons to visit Sber: for example, package delivery, entertainment (Sber devices, wi-fi, charge yourself with a cup of coffee and charge your gadget, print your documents, events for children and adults), public services and etc. Now Sber is more than just a bank - we offer new solutions for life.
O2O (get acquainted with more than 20 mobile apps). It’s the first and the last mile of the customer journey. And we are constantly adding new products and services to our ecosystem to satisfy our customer needs and exceed expectations.

3. We implemented a new branch model – new branch created on the principles of a gadget:

• Everything is clearly visible (open barrier-free space)
• Intuitive (no need for complex navigation or training)
• Biometric identification (in electronic queue, ATMs, at workplaces)
• “Phygital” space (a combination of digital and physical solutions)
• Vast transformation opportunities (products and industries presented in a branch can be quickly replaced or extended at practically no cost)
• Entertainment and fun (hosting events)

4. We implemented ESG initiatives in the Sber branch (sustainable materials and energy/water consumption, pens are made of our old / unclaimed bank cards, used plastic cups are recycled to make PVC windows)

5. New role of the employee – a person (assistant and advisor, navigator in the ecosystem world, brand ambassador)

6. We respect our customers and try to save their most valuable resource – time. Time spent in a branch should be spent productively

7. Unique next generation ATMs (a biometrics-based camera allows you to withdraw money using your smile, voice assistant helps you navigate the content or call a taxi, large screen substantially enlarges the functionality of ATMs, for example, for advertising. An ATM as a device)

8. The new branch design and technical input are intended to enable us to serve many customers simultaneously

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