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Reimagine Treasures Sales & Service Experience

Future Workforce 2022
Machine Learning Robotics/AI Marketing and Sales

Elevator pitch

Extending our human-centric designs, data and AI/ML capabilities to frontline staff through Client Connect - a ONE unified platform that i) offers comprehensive features to drive customer engagement, ii) facilitates solid financial planning and advice, and iii) enables delivery of service excellence and offline customer relationship management.

Innovation presentation

Powered by data and AI/ML, Client Connect is the next generation employee workbench across all segments in DBS (Retail, Treasures, Treasures Private Client and Private Banking). It enables hyper-personalised offline journeys for customers and employees with the aim to increase Engagement, Productivity and Revenue.

Built as a regional platform, Client Connect is a single codebase, single instance and single deployment platform, which enabled us to save development time and allow enhancements and fixes to be done at the same time across the region. Following the successful launch of Client Connect in Singapore, ~3,000 frontline staff have adopted the platform. And by early next year, we would have rolled out Client Connect to all six markets (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, India and China), with a total of ~6,000 frontline staff benefiting from this transformation.

The six core modules for Client Connect are: i) Client 360 – allow deep customer understanding, ii) Next Best Conversation – drive meaningful customer conversations, iii) Engagement – facilitate ease of recording customer interactions, iv) Your Financial Journey – provide user-friendly financial planning tools, v) Service Request – facilitate servicing needs and vi) Leads & Enquiry – facilitate follow through on incoming customer queries and leads. Every journey within the six modules had been thoughtfully mapped out end-to-end to ensure the design considers user behaviours, efficiency, and usage requirements.

Furthermore, users are given direct access to sophisticated data instrumentation through big data analytics platform (e.g., intuitive Google-like search function to generate customer insights) as we democratise data insights for forward performance management.

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