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Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking 2022
ESG SME/Business Banking Workforce Management

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Skills4ESG: Intesa Sanpaolo ambition to drive and boost the social change by spreading ESG culture and awareness across Clients

Innovation presentation

Intesa Sanpaolo has the ambition to be an active agent for setting the ground for a social change, starting from its business clients. Its commitment is meant by taking ownership of its role in combating climate change and improving responsible corporate governance, diversity, equity, and inclusion internally and externally.

Within this aspiration, Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione - the business unit focused on supporting learning and leadership growth on Corporate and SMEs - jointly launched in the end of 2021 Skills4ESG, an initiative to support the more than 200.000 Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s client companies to spread the ESG culture through a tailored training offer.

For Skills4ESG grounding, a dedicated portal has been developed as a unique point of access to all the training initiatives provided by Intesa Sanpaolo Group on the ESG topics (e.g.: environment safeguard, people wellbeing, gender equality, responsible corporate governance, etc.) and to all the relevant news/events on ESG matters and related regulatory framework to keep clients always up to date.

Analysis on context and Group’s business clients’ needs was conducted to better fit the training proposal. From the inquiry, some points are more of interest:
- a high percentage of investors and clients have a little a knowledge about topics like responsible investments and sustainable strategies
- a strong interest in increasing and enhancing the ESG skills to reach a more prominent market position towards stakeholders
Furthermore, ESG criteria are becoming more and more new way of doing business and each client companies need to find their own way to do it, in line with their core values.

Skills4ESG satisfies client growing demands for:
- training their own workforce to boost ESG awareness
- helping the employees in the adoption of worthy behaviors and sustainable practices

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