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Neobanks & Specialized Players 2022
Card Current Account Youth/Kids banking

Elevator pitch

1st Banking offer in Morocco specially made for teenagers ages 12 to 17yo. An account + an app + a personalized bank card and it's for free !

Innovation presentation

Swipe is a banking offer specially made for teenagers aged between 12 and 17 years old with An account + an app + a personalized bank card and it's for free

The parents subscribes for his kid 100% online and signs the contract digitally through Pocket Bank, his banking app.

The kid is then notified and continues the onboarding process by adding his email address and choosing the design of the bank card that will be on his name.
The app is immediately available for use and the parent can transfer money instantaneously to his child.

From Swipe the teenager can :
- Pay a phone bill
- Top up his phone
- Withdraw money from an ATM juts with the app without a card
- Ask his parents for money by sharing a graphic image through any social media or messaging app
- Transfer money to another Swipe holder or bank account
- Pay via QR Code in stores
The parent has access to the transaction history and can disable/enable the account at any moment.

The parents can also adjust/ adapt the card functionalities and threshold (contacless, local online payments, international payment…)

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